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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This ain't no game, flash.

Posted by Nicole at 6:30 AM

Dear NFL-

I'm not sure when I've actually watched a whole game between two of your teams; so I won't claim to know much about your organization.

But I do know a few things. And those things are pretty lousy. I know that a small chunk of your players seem to find themselves in A LOT of trouble on a regular basis. The kind of trouble your fans would have a hell of a time getting out of while these players walk away scott free. To which your usual reaction is to let some sort of PR nonsense dribble from your management lips. I get the feeling that your golden rule is "Bad Press is still Press".

Your reasons for keeping these menaces to society on your payroll start with how important they are to the fans. That the fans want to see these rehabilitated fiends shown some compassion and allowed to make a living and contribution. Which, I'm sure you know, that I know, is a load of crap. You keep them on the teams because their name made headlines and those headlines will put people in the seats, and cash in your pockets.

It's kind of sick, ya know that you parade your players around like heros and do everthing in your marketing power to raise them up to a pedestal of adoration; TO KIDS non-the-less. When a good portion of them are the worst example of the human condition. Thugs, filanderers, rapists, addicts, dealers, violent monsters, and psycopaths. Not to mention the ones that just feel they are infact God's gift to the world.

I'm not sure if you know this but, if you would just fire these scum bags; it wouldn't take much to find another player to fill his shoes. And the newbie might be more inclined to run a better path to keep his job. The fans will love him just as much, if not more then the other guy because he could be a pure legend. The fans just want to see good football between two teams of good, sportsmen.

Recently your former Golden Boy Michael Vick was released from prison and you welcomed him back with open arms. He has served his time and suffered enough.

Really? He's suffered enough? How exactly has he suffered? A person cannot suffer without there being a tragedy. So what exactly is Vick's tragedy? Because everything that has happened to him in the past 3 years has been of his own doing. There was no accident, there was no great struggle to overcome, no unexpected catastrophe. If you do illegal and immoral things, it will come back to you - it's just a matter of time.

I realize that his reinstatement is conditional. Are you still suspending him for 4 games? Which is ridiculous at best - it's kinda like an at home suspension. Which is basically a vacation. A suspension is suppose to work as a humiliation tool. But really 4 games is a drop in the bucket; even IF he actually felt any shame.

Others have commented that he has served his time and has the right to start again fresh. To rebuild his life. And I do agree with that. However, I don't think handing him a free pass back to his old life constitutes "rebuilding" ones life. He needs to make amends, not the public and certainly not to me, but to those he carelessly used for his own gain - the animals. Vick's new life should be ALL about restitution, and not the monetary kind, because actions speak louder then anything. Vick's new life should be dedicated to taking care of and living for animals as a Humane Society or SPCA volunteer. I know it will never happen because as you keep saying, so someone might actually believe it - he's suffered enough.

What exactly would get a player tossed out of the NFL? Come out of the closet - to the public? Nah, too big of a fan base.

Oh, I know - I bet denouncing God would do it.
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