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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

Posted by Nicole at 7:49 AM

Last time, our peppy preggo was left precariously dangling on the limb of testing results, pausing ever so patiently to learn whether or not the stray placenta got it's giddy up and go, and made progress to happier pasters.


I'm not happy to say that the answer is - no. As of the last ultra-sound the placenta had not decided to move on to a better vantage point and may have grown more attached to it's co-hort the Uterus. Between my doctor and a specialist, they are preparing for the delivery to be a much bigger ordeal then just announcing the New Employee into the world. There is a good chance that if the placent and uterus do not say fond farewells, and part ways, they will be leaving me together.

It's a disconcerting thought. Saying adios to your uterus. I'm not overly fond of this organ (especially at the moment), and I don't overly romanticize what having uterus means to me. Yet, we've never had that much of a problem either. For the most part, it did the job it was designed to do, and I provided technical support. What shakes me is that my body routine will not be as familiar as it once was - ever again. Sure there are pros to the cons, but it's change. And while change is good, an adventure - for me, the transition is often bumpy, full of tears, and not all that fun.

Are all you guys uncomfortable with all this yucky plumbing talk yet? Tough, it's good for you.

What does this mean for the New Employee? Means that she'll be evicted a tad earlier then the expected due date. Not really for her sake, because she's all happy and comfy and rolling around, kicking every other organ she can get her appendages on just like an new hire candidate should be. But more for mine. The c-section to deliver the New Employee with all the factors is tense and my doctor would really like to retain as much control as possible. My being in labor makes the proceedure more a reactionary situation and not so much a proactive one.

The other thing is that my doctor would prefer that the New Employee do that last 4 weeks growth spurt on the outside. With the overly romantic relationship between placenta and uterus, all exits being blocked, and the possibilty of the Candidate taking after her 9lbs sister, if allowed full time in uteruo, the integrity of her quarters could be weaked and cause a rupture. When was the last time you saw a Sci-fi movie where the ship lost outer shell integrity and everyone went - "Meh. No problem."

So, to answer that ever so popular question "How am I doing?" That everyone askes with the tilted head and the wide eyes. I'm doing okay. Mikko is probably the same as me - minus the hormonal driven spreading of the hips. Baby is fine. Fiona is oblivious. Whatever happens - happens. We can do what we can to direct and shape the situation but there are things that we just can't. I'm fine with that.

If the New Employee could just come with a name tag letting us know what to put on her paper work - now THAT would really put the whole hiring process at ease.

# Posted by Anonymous jessi at October 28, 2009 10:26 AM  
I'm sure everything will be ok. At least you will have had 2 kids, and then maybe no uterus. So be thankful what u have achieved, not what is lost.
As for a name tag, may i suggest pulling names out of a hat! lol

# Posted by Anonymous Vanessa at November 19, 2009 3:57 PM  
Wow. Thanks for the link to that. I was wondering why you had her early but then figured that I must have been off by a month. I'm really glad that you are ok. Are you getting to take her home or does she have to stay in the hospital? I'm glad that you seem to have a good outlook on the farewell of your uterus. ((hugs))) (reply to me on FB so that I actually get to see it lol)

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